Rachel Nelson is an artist, curator and political economist who runs two local bars in Brooklyn.  

In 2004 she co-founded Secret Project Robot, an artist run art experiment, with her long time partner Erik Zajaceskowski.

Her artwork varies in content, but is always drawn with purple marker, a reminder of her first mimiographed coloring sheets from elementary school, and painted with tempera and acrylic paints on found pieces of cardboard. The paintings are influenced by her political outlook, focusing specifically on neo liberalism and the effects of subversive language that have been used to create a veiled and very Orwellian form of American inequality, which she sees as the wealthy’s exercise of excessive greed amidst the most plentiful era in human history. Her other favorite topic, climate change, or rather its denial, focuses on our own complicity in the destruction of our selves, which she sees as an almost cosmic Freudian reckoning with our subconscious for the harm we have done to the earth and one and other… On the other hand, she also likes to paint ridiculously large food, neon plaid and inanimate objects found as clip art on the internet.

For her "free” time, Rachel went to graduate schools studying International Political Economy and wrote her thesis on the relationship between the rise of regulatory capture within tax systems and the rise of oligarchs.  

She is interested in the ways in which human relationships can mitigate the effects of unbridled capitalism on a community.  

In 2013 her and Erik built, designed and opened HappyFun Hideaway a bar that thrives by creating a true work family with strong support of the artist community.

In 2015 they started Flowers For all Occasions, a cafe/gallery/bar that is about having a public space for discourse and art while providing jobs to artists.  

Rachel has shown her work in galleries and party spaces around the world including the gallery West Germany, Berlin, Good Children Gallery, New Orleans, The Other Art Fair Brooklyn, Ps1 Moma, Exit Art, Rubulad, Secret Project Robot…

PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH QUESTIONS OR FOR PRICES (store coming soon) rachel@secretprojectrobot.org